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Welcome to the ‘Amplify Your Growth System’ for full time professionals that are ready to add full time thriving to their resume.


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The Amplify Your Growth Foundations

Add full time thriving to your resume

Immersion Experiences

We immerse you in adventurous experiences alone and in groups, so you not only take an adventure outside yourself, you also take an adventure inside yourself. This is not about eliminating your fears, this is about creating courage in the face of your fears.

Transformational Coaching

We take you back as far as we can to the original premise of what it is to be a human being before the cultural programming took hold. The limiting beliefs, the self sabotage patterns, the lack of confidence, and bring back the overall confidence to live freely. This is about you finding you and building a life by your design.

Empowering Community

It’s been proven that groups of people all raising the bar to have a better life do better together than apart. This is about new relationships, new standards and a new way to live.


What’s the Amplify Your Growth System about?

This step by step system is about supporting you in discovering who you are beyond the status quo. This system challenges you to deepen your relationship with yourself and others, to raise the bar in your finances and career, health, and your openness to let life live through you. Overall the system has one output, it’s about you designing and defining your life from the inside out.

When we designed this system we asked ourselves the question “how do we help busy professionals live the best life possible on their terms”. The only ingredient we’re missing in the system is you and your willingness to show up and do the work


Who is behind
Amplify Your Growth?

John Templeton is the founder of the Amplify Your Growth System. He is a dedicated experiential researcher and explorer in answering life’s most fundamental questions.


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The Amplify Your Growth System

Our signature 12 month membership program designed for full time professionals that want to fully immerse themselves in growth and add full time thriving to their resume.

Amplify Your Growth - Free 5 Day Challenge

Amplify Your Growth in just 5 days! Are you up for the challenge? Each day you are provided with some new knowledge and a task to complete. This is the first step in creating a life by your design!

Amplify Your Growth Presents - Thrive Live 2 Day Event

This is a two day live in person event that focuses on teaching the mindset for success and achievement so that you have the tools to create a thriving life.

Meet the community

Connect with other busy professionals that are growing and learning the latest strategies, tactics and hacks to adding full time thriving to their life.