The new paradigm of growth

We use proven growth tools to build you a life by your design. To have something in the world you must first change within yourself. For example, any goal you want to achieve is currently outside of you, it isn’t you, so our system involves embodying the person that has already achieved the goal which means your success is simply a byproduct of being yourself.

Our system is for people that want to evolve and hit goals outside of work in order to add full time thriving to their resume


Who we help

Full time professionals and employees that want to create a world class life resume outside of their regular job so they can grow more, live more and have more.

How we help

This program is not for the half hearted, we take our members on a 365 day journey into the 3 Factors and 9 Growth Codes giving them the tools to thrive.

Why we help

Life is too short not to live it on your terms, we support you in discovering your own truth and freedom to create the life that you want.

What you get

A thriving life is discovered in you when you unlearn who you thought you were and discover who you really are beyond the cultural programming.

Meet the Host

“Living life to the fullest is about unlearning the limitations you thought you had, and amplifying the greatness that’s always been beneath”

About John Templeton

John has dedicated his life to seeking the a way of living that caters for both success and fulfilment.

During his late 20’s the realisation dawned on him that motivating and inspiring others was his life’s purpose and so Amplify Your Growth was built, to teach those that seek the ultimate way of living whilst maintaining a full time job.

Join the tribe today

John has setup a free online community where he regularly shares his key strategies on personal growth and creating a thriving life.


The Experience

Knowledge is one thing, yet applying the knowledge and experiencing it turns it into wisdom. That’s why Amplify Your Growth isn’t just learning and information, it’s an entire experience that helps you get the life you want without you having to remember to be different.

High Energy Learning

Join other growth focused professionals and employees in a group environment at different locations around Australia for three three day Immersion Experiences. The vibes within these group adventures is next level so hold on tight.

Focused Coaching

- Three group calls a month with a specialised performance coach
- One group call a month with John Templeton
- Access to a vault of information and tools
- 10 minute personal laser coaching available with your performance coach

A Thriving Life Resume

When it’s all said and done, you will be remembered not for what you have but for who you became. Investing in your own life is the most rewarding choice available to you in this moment and it is also the best way to inspire others. This is how you live with passion and we make the world a better place!